MASTER OF SCIENCE INTransportation & Logistics

MSc in Transportation and Logistics

Dual Master’s Degrees from SIMI Swiss and MUST


The MSc in Transportation and Logistics program is a dual Master’s degree program offered by SIMI Swiss and MUST. It provides opportunities for recent graduates and working professionals to seek job opportunities and career development in the rapidly growing and dynamic field, which is experiencing a shortage of professionals in both work and teaching roles.

Upon graduation, students can engage in work, research, and teaching across various sectors within businesses and universities that offer programs catering to train stations, air stations, airports, road freight, maritime transport, seaports, railways, and can function in both work and educational capacities within fields such as supply chain management, traffic control, highway operations, toll collection operations, communication systems, and passenger services.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are conferred with two independent Master’s degrees:

  • Master of Sciences in Transportation and Logistics from the Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST)
  • Master of Sciences in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI Swiss).

& Advantage

Dual Master’s Program is a joint program between the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI Swiss) and the Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST).

Dual Degree

2 independent Master’s degrees from SIMI Swiss and MUST.

Financial Aid

At lease 80% financial aid compared to the original costs from Switzerland and Malaysia.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad at MUST involves some modules according to the arrangement of each course.


Comprehensively accredited programs at both institutional and programmatic level.

Live Class

Live class with 100% foreign lecturers.

Academic Support

Exclusive English and academic support from LAS Vietnam.

Detail program

Program structure

The program consists of 9 subjects and a Master thesis:

9 subjects include:

  • MTL501 Transportation systems
  • MTL510 Logistics Systems
  • MTL513 Supply Chain Management & Design
  • MTL520 Logistics Performance Management
  • MTL505 Maritime Logistics
  • MTL506 Transportation Policy & Strategy
  • MTL507 Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • MBA1114 Operation Management
  • MTL519 Sustainable Transportation & Environment

Master thesis:

  • UCC504 Research Methods
  • MTL590 Research Project

Credits and competency framework:

According to the accreditation and recognition standards of MQA (Malaysia Qualification Agency), to complete the Master of Sciences in Transportation and Logistics from MUST:

  • 9 subjects achieved 36 MQF Credits
  • Master Thesis 8 MQF Credits

According to European Union standards, EQF competency framework and Bologna process to achieve Master of Sciences in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from SIMI Swiss:

  • 9 subjects achieved 60 ECTS Credits
  • Master Thesis 30 ECTS Credits

After graduation, students receive 2 independent masters:

  • Master of Sciences in Transportation and Logistics from Malaysia University of Sciences of Technology (MUST) and
  • Master of Sciences in Logistic and Supply Chain Management from the Swiss Institute Of Management and Innovation (SIMI Swiss).

University and program accreditation:

  • Information on accreditation and recognition of Malaysia University of Sciences and Technology HERE
  • Information on accreditation and recognition of SIMI Swiss HERE
Entrance requirements

Candidates applying for the program, in addition to meeting the entrance requirements, are also subject to an assessment of their suitability by the admissions team before participating in the program. This is to ensure that candidates can grasp and attain the benefits of the program upon participation.

The entrance requirements must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields from accredited universities. For local universities without international accreditation, the Vietnamese partners will undertake an evaluation process.
  • Level 6 Diplomas based on the EQF framework or its equivalent. Level 6 Diplomas must be issued by authorized awarding bodies and hold recognized accreditation.

English requirements:

  • Minimum CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) language proficiency level B2 or equivalent.
  • IELTS 5.5; Speaking and Writing components must each achieve a minimum of 5.5 or equivalent.
  • In the absence of an English certificate, the scientific partner in Vietnam conducts an internal English test and reviews each candidate.

Note: LAS reserves the right to decide on admissions based on the requirements of accrediting bodies and the global acceptance criteria of the program.

Training model
  • The program is designed for busy people according to the Hybrid model that combines Live Class and local teaching assistants (online).
  • Some subjects can be studied abroad and studied with students in Malaysia of MUST (optional according to MUST’s schedule).

After completing the requirements, students can attend the graduation ceremony in Malaysia or in Europe depending on the annual calendar of LAS.



  • 10 majoring subjects
  • Thesis of Master of Science
  • 2 independent Master’s degrees
  • Lasts at least 2 years
  • Student support
  • Live Class
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    Reducing difficulty & increasing efficiency

    Academic Support

    Teaching Assistants

    A connection between lecturers and students.

    English support

    English Lessons are translated into Vietnamese for key content.

    Format Review

    Check formatting and avoid plagiarism before submitting.

    Topic guide

    Supporting the development of research topics of the thesis.

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    • Students are enrolled as students of both SIMI Swiss and MUST. London Academy of Sciences (LAS) serves as a program consultant and academic support unit.
    • Students engage in the original program as full-time students, with compatible standards and assessments between the two programs for the purpose of dual degree grant.
    • The program is taught 100% in English.
    • The degree awarded by SIMI Swiss falls under the category of degrees of private universities. SIMI is an independent university institute operating outside the purview of Switzerland’s public university education system and is not bound by the regulations outlined in the Federal Act of 30 September 2011 on the Funding and Coordination of the Higher Education Sector (HEdA), SR 414.11.
    • The degree conferred by MUST University is from a private institution, and students do not receive government-sponsored financial support.
    • This is not an affiliated program with any university in Vietnam. Students directly learn from instructors at MUST and SIMI Swiss
    • LAS is a global academic consulting and support unit, including within Vietnam. LAS does not provide Master’s-level training, nor does it interfere with academic and administrative decisions of the program.
    • Local activities solely encompass academic support. All support activities provided by partners in Vietnam are supplementary in nature and do not replace the instruction of international lecturers from MUST and SIMI Swiss. These activities do not compromise the program’s integrity or influence its educational outcomes. Furthermore, LAS does not possess the authority to implement actions within the jurisdiction of MUST and SIMI Swiss.
    • Policies related to fee assistance and scholarships (if applicable) are subject to change or termination without prior notice.
    • Malaysia University of Sciences and Technology (MUST); the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI Swiss), LAS, and their partners do not guarantee that enrollment will lead to graduation or degree attainment. SIMI Swiss and MUST will only confer degrees and acknowledge academic results if students fully satisfy and complete all academic requirements, financial regulations, study discipline, and other stipulations.
    • In case of violations, unauthorized absences, voluntary discontinuation of the program, breach of regulations including financial obligations, SIMI Swiss, MUST, LAS, and their partners reserve the right to refuse admission, withhold support, revoke student status, and will not refund any fees or tuition.
    • MUST, SIMI Swiss, LAS, and their partners do not guarantee that third parties will accept the conferred degrees. The decision to accept or reject depends on the subjective judgment of the receiving institution, following regulations of each country, government, locality, and entity.
    • MUST, SIMI Swiss, LAS, and their partners do not guarantee that post-graduation, students will receive salary increases, promotions, career advancements, new job opportunities, or new employment positions.
    • Although there might be provisions for mutual recognition or equivalency of qualifications, each country, organization, and entity has the right to recognize qualifications based on their own criteria. MUST, SIMI Swiss, LAS, and their partners do not ensure automatic recognition of degrees, certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and other records issued by SIMI Swiss, MUST, LAS, and their partner institutions. Similarly, they do not guarantee or support the process of obtaining equivalent degree recognition (if any).
    • MUST, SIMI Swiss, LAS, and their partners do not guarantee nor commit to opportunities for settlement, overseas employment, work permits, teaching licenses, expert permits in France, Europe, or any other country.
    • While MUST, SIMI Swiss, LAS, and their partners provide extensive support, they do not assure a 100% success rate for student visa attainment (in the case of full-time study abroad) or European visas (for participating in graduation ceremonies in Switzerland and/or Europe) if the student does not meet the requirements set by the host country and its authorized agencies in issuing and approving entry, mobility, and residency rights.

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